LIABILITY. Carrier will not be liable for passengers missing their plane flights caused by events we cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of the road, weather conditions, mechanical delays, acts of public enemies, war, strikes, civil commotion's or acts of omissions of public authorities (including customs and quarantine officials with actual or apparent authority). Carrier assumes no liability for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced property belonging to any individual traveling on the carrier's vehicles. The carrier shall not be responsible for personal injury attributed to carelessness, failure to heed posted notices or spoken warnings of the driver, neglect, disregard, lack of attentiveness or negligence of customers, while passengers or pedestrians.

APPLICATION OF CHARGES AND PAYMENTS OF CHARGES. The charges shown in this tariff are stated in U.S. dollars and are applicable per person. All fares are due and payable in advance of service. CLAIMS: Must be filed with carrier as prescribed by law.

ANIMALS OR BIRDS. Animals or birds will not be carried on. Service dogs are excepted. The individual bringing the dog aboard the carriers vehicle assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages or injuries sustained by the animal, and any and all damages or injuries caused by the actions of the dog.

OBJECTIONABLE PASSENGERS: Carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport anyone especially persons who are intoxicated, offensive or abusive.

LUGGAGE: Your first piece of luggage and one (1) carry-on piece is free with your reservation. Maximum weight per piece is 50 pounds, be customary travel luggage and each must have appropriate handles or other lifting device. Checking baggage with the airline is the sole responsibility of each passenger. Carrier reserves the right to refuse luggage which is deemed to be, in the carrier's opinion, illegal or hazardous to lift or transport safely. Child seats must be supplied by parents.

RESERVATIONS: Paid reservations are required for guaranteed service. Walk-ons will be accommodated upon availability.

DAMAGE TO VEHICLE: Carrier will provide vehicles that will be in good condition including the condition of window glass and seats. The carrier will charge any damage repair or excessive cleaning costs to the individual passenger (s) responsible, at the actual cost of repair, restoration or cleaning. Parents or legal guardians will be held liable for the actions of minors in their custody.

REFUNDS: With 24 hour notice given, a $5.00 cancellation charge applies. No refund will be made to passengers who discontinue trip prior to completion. Alternate movements may be arranged in the case of adverse conditions, at the discretion of the carrier, with the fare applied in full toward the cost of the alternate movement.